HR- Manager

Exclamation mark HR Manager is one of the most important key to open a lock hanging on the door of success in an organisation.If an HR Manager is efficient enough to handle and to take out best from his team members any oragnisation and can achieve more from his target goals. HR manager plays an very important role in hierarchy, and also in between the higher management and low level employees.

Key Feature

Accurate Records
Error-Free Data Management
To maintain and develop HR policies, ensuring compliance and to contribute the development of corporate HR policies.
To ensure timely recruitment of required level / quality of Management staf
To develop the HR business plan.
Ensure appropriate communication at all staff levels.
Staff Retention.
Management Development / Career Development
/ Business Development.
To facilitate development of staff with special focus on Line Management
To recommend and ensure implementation of Strategic directions for people development within the organization.

salary letters and employment contracts.
Approve updated organizational charts on a monthly basis and maintain
complete/accurate personnel records.