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Exclamation mark Poult-Soft is a windows based user friendly Breed based “Flock cum Shed” based Flock costing, Farm management software available with purchase/sale/store (Inventory),Farm Feed and Hatchery modules integrated with each other. Anybody with little knowledge of computer can use this software. It also has a provision for data back up on the click of a button.

Poult-Soft is available in different version and in different packages.

All Versions of Poult-Soft software are desktop & LAN applications which can be converted to Internet/WEB enabled application.Different Version are integrated and clubed together according to the Cusomized needs of the client into the final package. e.g. Pure-lines / Grandparents / Parent Breeders +  Commercial Farms (Meat and Egg type) + Hatchery + Feed Mill & Processing Plant.


Poult-Soft Basic Functioning: 

The integrated packages of Poult-Soft comprises of Four/Five sections : Inventory, Farm,  Feed , Hatchery, Processing Plant & H.R. . All sections function independently but are integrated. Overall inputs and outputs for all sections are routed through the main store of INVENTORY module. Each section has its own Masters and data input forms.  

Poult-Soft generates reports specific to each section. Hence the data transfer (Input and Output) of each section is routed through Inventory module.

With only 4-5 daily entries The software generates ‘n’-number of MIS & Costing reports. The reports are in tabular and graphical formats and are periodic as well as on date. Reports are classified in to:

Farm Reports
- Records & Performance (Daily, Weekly, and Periodic),
- Coasting Reports (coast/bird, return/bird, feed/bird, feed/egg, cost/egg),
- Comparison Reports (Actual Vs Std.),
- Uniformity & Body Wt and as on date,
- Vaccination Schedules and alerts.

Hatchery Reports
- Process , Planning and Machine Status,
- Rejections,
- Cost of  H. egg before and after rejections / grading,
- Cost of  D.O.C
- Advance Booking,
- Supply Schedule,
- Recovery per chick sold,
Hatch summary,
- Rejection Reports ,  Hatchability Vs Fertility--- etc

Feed Reports
 - Feed Formulations,
- Analysis and Production.

Inventory Reports
- Sales / Purchases,
- Stocks,
- Supplier & Customer database,
- Stock movements etc

- Misc. Income and Expenses
--------------and many more

  for more information, Please visit  www.poultsoft.com 

Breeder Version

Package 1 Farm + Inventory
Package 2I Farm + Hatchery + Inventory
Package 3 Farm + Hatchery + Inventory + Feed
Package 4 Farm+Hatchery+Inventory+Feed +Advance+Booking +Supply Schedule+Customer Transactions+ HR

Layer Version

Package 1 Farm + Inventory
Package 2F Farm + Inventory +  Feed
Package 3 Farm +  Inventory +  Feed + Carton Packing

Broiler Version

Package 1 Farm + Inventory
Package Farm + Inventory +  Feed

Hatchery Version

Package 1 Hatchery + Inventory
Package 2 Hatchery + Inventory + Advance Booking + Customer Transactions + Chick Supply Schedule

Feed Version

Feed Version - Poultry Only... Breed Cum Feed Type based

Feed Formulations, Analysis, Production (as per specie/breed) + Inventory, Customer Transactions, Process Loss, Payment Details.... 

Package 1 Least Cost Formulation : Semi Automatic
Package 2 Least Cost Formulation: Automatic



Feed Manager

Feed Formulations, Analysis, Production(minmum Stock Alerts) + Inventory, Customer Transactions, Process Loss, Payment Details....

Package 1 Least Cost  Formulation : Semi Automatic
Package 2 Least Cost Formulation : Automatic

Integrated Version (Desktop & Internet Enabled)

For Integrated Operations:

Parent / Commercial (Broiler or Layer) + Hatchery + Feed + Inventory(Sale, Purchase and Stocks) + HR


Processing Plant Version (for Chicken and Meat Processing)

Processing Plant Version

The software is Breed cum Flock cum Shed based capable of handling and storing the data from Receipt of Live Birds to the Sale of Dressed Item along with the Supply Details & Customer Transactions.

*Any additional requirements are customized with extra cost.


MDEC Accomplishments

MDEC Designed & built hardware for COBE satellite.

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We are the pioneers in developing MIS softwares in the fields of Poultry, Livestock and Veterinary Sciences.