Real-Time Autobackup Software

Exclamation mark The name itself describes the functioning of our software. Once you install it on your computer. you will NEVER have to WORRY about backing up. or forgetting to backup your data. Our software automatically backs up your data files in real-time! RTB continuously monitors data files on your computer. As soon as you create a new file, or modify an existing file and save it, RTB creates a backup copy of the file. You can save it anywhere. on a removable drive attached to your computer, on another computer on your Local Area Network (LAN), on a remote computer of your friend/your other office, or in our Data Center. .

Key Feature
Error-Free Data Management
Backup at Local PC, over LAN/WAN, Remote Location and at FTP.
Real Time and Scheduler Backup Provision
Secure with Administrator Login
Fast and Reliable in Backup
Maintains the History of Backed up Files
Easy to Restore and Search the File


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