Exclamation mark VET-MASTER is a Patient Based Software under different specie heads - Bovine, Equine, Canine, Feline, Ovine etc. A unique patient code is issued to every registered patient under its area of location. This code serves as the reference key to any data related to the patient at any point. The epidemiological reports are generated disease wise as per specie, area and locality.

Key Feature

Accurate Records
Error-Free Data Management
Daily Register
Patient Case Sheet, History and Health record
Vaccination and Deworming schedule
Intimations/ Reminders : Vaccinations and Deworming
Diagnostic Directory
Address Book
Check List and Reminders
Certificates and Declarations
Laboratory Reports
Provision to Email Intimations
Greetings etc.
Breed Wise Listing
Patient Visit Record
Accounts : Bills, Receipts, A/c Statements, Pending Payment
Payment Alerts and Reminders
Clinic Requirements
Fee Receipts
Inventory : Purchases, Sales, Stocks and Reports