Our Capabilities

Exclamation mark We are committed to investing into research, training, and development for new technologies and tools so that we can implement the right solutions for your unique situation.

We have team of professionals from a variety of industrial backgrounds and expertise in various technologies, tools and domains.

Custom Software

 - Internet/Intranet
       B2B (Business to Business)
       B2C (Business to Commerce)
- Video On Demand
- Medical Practice and Healthcare (Human & Veterinary)
- Inventory/Financial/Accounting
- Educational

- Poultry

- Large/Small Business
- Industrial Control Systems


Website Development and Graphics Design

- Graphics Design
- .net Framework
- Content Authoring
- Server Side Programming (ASP, JSP, Servlets)
- Java Applets



- Oracle
- Microsoft SQL 2000
- Advantage Database
- Microsoft Access


ASP.net, VB.Net, C#, XML, Visual Basic 6.0, Visual C++, HTML, FORTRAN, COBOL, Delphi, Java, x86 assembly and many others

Operating System

- True 64 UNIX (Compaq/HP)
- Linux (Red Hat)
- Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows98/Me, DOS


- Human Medicine

- Veterinary Medicine
- Medical Insurance


MDEC Accomplishments

Micro Design Engineering Corp Designed & built hardware for COBE satellite.

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Specialized in

We are the pioneers in developing MIS softwares in the fields of Poultry, Livestock and Veterinary Sciences.