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Exclamation mark Global India Software (GIS) is dedicated to developing the highest quality Customized Applications and Commercial Softwares at the most competitive prices. GIS software engineers are highly qualified, have hands-on experience in designing state-of-the-art applications.

While the experienced team of IT experts at GIS are known for providing cost effective user friendly MIS and ERP Solutions to its clients in industry, education, human medicine and healthcare, Website Development, the Veterinary Division is pioneer in having developed a range of MIS software for poultry industry, veterinary teaching institutes and hospitals and pet practitioners.

Custom Software

Exclamation mark Today, there is no dearth of commercial software packages available in the open market. But it may never be possible to find a software application made to your specific needs. When you use commercial software, which often is the case, you make compromise with your needs in accordance with the functionalities available in that package. But with custom software designed to meet your specific needs, you don’t need to make any compromise. With the custom software, the time saving and enhancement in the business productivity is worth spending that little extra money as compared to your investment in commercial software packages. Custom Software development takes the right combination of planning, experience and talent. GIS engineers and programmers in India and the US, together, make the winning team. The fact remains, and shall always remain, that the customized software is the best viable option for any business organization. For not only the best but reliable custom software, we at GIS are your best choice.

Real Time Backup


The name itself describes the functioning of our software. Once you install it on your computer. You will NEVER have to WORRY about backing up or forgetting to backup your data. Our software automatically backs up your data files in real-time! RTB continuously monitors data files on your computer. As soon as you create a new file, or modify an existing file and save it, RTB creates a backup copy of the file. You can save it ......more

Please visit, www.realtimeautobackup.com


Poult-Soft - - Series   A Complete Flock Management, business Process & Cost       


Please visit, www.poultsoft.com

Poult-Soft keeps a track of flock data in all sections from purchase to production, to sale...performance & costing
& generates...
result oriented reports in purchase/sales/stocks(Inventory section) 
bird performance & costing reports in farm section
formulation, production & process loss reports in feed section
Hatchability, feasibility, rejections & costing reports in hatchery section and 
keeps the user informed on business profitability.....more




Dairy-Soft - - Editions   A Complete Herd Management, business Process & Cost 

Dairy-Soft keeps a track of Dairy Farm in all sections from purchase to production, to sale...performance & costing & generates...
result oriented reports in purchase/sales/stocks(Inventory section) 
Animal performance & costing reports in farm section
keeps the user informed on business profitability.....more





VET-MASTER is a Patient Based Software under different specie heads - Bovine, Equine, Canine, Feline, Ovine etc. A unique patient code is issued to every registered patient under its area of location....more



A Unique user friendly clinic management Software for Pet Veterinarians
Accurate - Practical - Reliable....more 



Office Manager

A Unique user friendly  For Office Management ....more



Automated Backup Service

Remote Backup Server, ABS can take backup to remote server, In-built ftp, 128 bit encryption. Multiple Session to multiple uploads, can take backup on multiple servers.  ....more


Physician to Patient Network

P2P is a community of physicians and patients which also includes Healthcare (HC) product suppliers, service providers, R&D organizations and government agencies. The foundation of P2P is a private & secure Information Technology (IT) network created by MDEC International for the benefit of healthcare industry. To know more please visit .www.physician2patient.net

HR Manager

HR Manager is one of the most important key to open a lock hanging on the door of success in an organization. If an HR Manager is efficient enough to handle and to take out best from his team members any and can achieve more from his target goals. HR manager plays a very important role in hierarchy, and also in between the higher management and low level employees.....more

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We are the pioneers in developing MIS softwares in the fields of Poultry, Livestock and Veterinary Sciences.